Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Log Drive, Round 2

As we laid logs and and worked on building up our cabin every day, it became apparent that we would need another log drive pretty soon. So we set a date with Duff, our friend over at S&S, and okayed it with the crew coaches, and we were set.

Today we got up early again to head up to the Organic Farm and get the first raft ready. Duff showed up at 10 AM, followed by Dan Nelson in the S&S boat. We had the first raft of nine logs ready to go, and the first tow went about as successfully as we could hope for.
Because we were making good time, we decided to do three tows, bringing 36 new logs to the island. The larger size of today's haul (compared with that of the last log drive) gives us more logs to choose from as we build up, and that will help a lot.

The log raft and tow boat, as seen from the Ledyard Bridge. Photo by Rory Gawler.

Now we've got our work cut out for us as we haul them all up to the island... we'll be gettin' huge.

Us after the next few days of hauling logs up to the island.


  1. What are the dimensions of the new cabin?

  2. Same as the old one. Roughly 14' x 17' with a 6' porch on the front.