Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Death Slide

In preparation for next weeks log drive, after a morning at the O-Farm getting in a little more work on the practice cabin, we set to work building a slide to bring our logs up to the site from the water. In order to get the lumber down to the site, we rafted up a couple canoes into a "cargo catamaran" of sorts. Not the fastest way to get out to the island, but we had lunch along the way, and after arriving, got to work constructing the slide. As we scouted locations for the ramp with a suitable grade and tree spacing, Lucas discovered that rocks can be quite slick when wet, as he had a little "moistening accident" on the east side of the island. We ended up choosing a path right next to our usual landing site. Construction of the slide went quickly, and by the end of the day we had completed our ramp, which could successfully hold our weight even when suspended several feet off the ground.

Additionally, Gregory's percolating bowels (combined with our proficiency with impact drivers) led to the scene below. In case it inspires curiosity, he walked into the privy using the regular door, but some rapid construction forced him to seek other methods of exit. After several attempts at going through windows he became a little stuck, and we mercifully removed the screwed-in 2x4 and helped him down. He has promised revenge on all the responsible parties, but as of yet, no such revenge has been forthcoming.

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