Monday, July 12, 2010

Concrete Day

Much of the work we've done so far will be invisible to the casual observer of the completed cabin - the permitting process and the hours we've put in practicing scribing are absolutely necessary, but don't really produce tangible results. The death slide, unfortunately, will probably be taken apart when we're done with it. Pouring the concrete foundation was particularly exciting because it was the first day we began work on something that will remain a part of the cabin. A quick step by step guide for pouring concrete foundations on an island.

1) Get the concrete to the island.

42 bags x 80 lbs each = 3,360 lbs of concrete mix canoed down the river and carried up a steep bank to the work site.

2) Get the sono tubes in the ground. Dig some huge holes.

Kodiak checking that the sono tubes are level and all at equal heights before pouring.

3) Get an electric cement mixer and a generator out to the island, also by canoe.

4) Redo your calculations. Go get 800 more lbs of concrete.

5) Mix concrete mix with water in the electric mixer, based on an extremely precise and scientific process known as "well that looks about right."

6) Shovel concrete into sono tubes. Sit and wait about six hours.

Lucas and Kodiak "pouring" (a.k.a. laboriously shoveling) concrete

7) Finis! A new foundation for a new cabin.

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