Saturday, July 10, 2010

Practice Makes Perfectish

For several days we were delayed because our final permission to begin building had not come in yet, leaving us time to work on what had become our practice cabin, next to the skids where the freshly peeled logs were being held at the Dartmouth Organic Farm. In hindsight, it was great that we had these several days of time on our hands in order to practice, as we ended up doing plenty of experimenting with different styles for our corner joints, and have finally settled on a building system that should prove the best combination of reliability, accuracy and aesthetics. Fueled by strange uncooked ramen noodle and peanut butter concoctions, we forged through several 100 degree afternoons and made a significant amount of progress towards the accuracy and look we are going to require when working on the real cabin. Three elements to our success can be clearly seen in the picture below. Roxanne (18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless FM/AM Job Site Makita Radio Model BMR100), our siren (lower left) consistently filled the air with her beautiful tubes. H20, seen bottom right, replenished the salty fluids that oozed from our flesh and fell to the ground throughout the site. And finally K8 aka "The Scribbler," was scribing up some beautiful logs for us. After we began churning out quality logs with some consistency, we decided our farm time was finished and we would look forward to constructing our log slide the following day.

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