Friday, July 23, 2010


It turns out that the only thing more fun that floating logs down the river is hauling them up the 50-yard embankment to where they can be piled near our site. While the rest of the crew was off playing in the water, Lucas and I were blessed with this lovely task. We managed to get six logs up to the site ourselves, until help arrived later in the day and we were able to finish off the first full raft by the end of the day. Above is a picture of a sleek, peeled log as it's dragged up the first pitch of the ramp. Hauling logs up turns out to be an excellent full body workout, much like rowing, but with the additional challenge of stabilizing a fidgety grip-hoist. It took us the entirety of the next day to haul the rest of the logs up, which mainly involved grip-hoisting in pairs of twos while the rest of us got our wind back. We used our skyline (the taut steel cable that runs over over the cabin foot print) to grab logs from the top of the ramp and pile 'em up.

Below we can see the grip-hoist being worked at a feverish pace, while Lucas takes a photo break. Even further below there is evidence of the extremeness of the second day of hauling, as Max and I show how the only way to effectively work the grip-hoist and the skyline simultaneously.

It was really extreme.

Needless to say, this phase of the operation is not the most precise part of the building process.

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