Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to use things that are not logs

We here at Titcomb Crew, Inc. believe in many things: building log cabins, floating trees, and compensating for our own lack of masculinity with long chainsaw bars. We also believe in equal opportunity for wood-based materials, which is why we recently ordered items such as 2x10s, 2x6s, 2x4s, and plywood. That is why we decided that, after towing our lumber to the island, we would give it the same opportunity to float in the water as we gave the logs. Jordan promptly sunk the skiffs we used for transport.

Discovery: plywood doesn't like water. Fortunately, a pair of visiting canoeists from the Boston metropolitan area decided to stop by and help us. One of them was a lovely '06, the other a lowly pilot of Cobra attack helicopters.

Why use plywood, when we have such lovely and beautiful logs in excess? Oh, you know, silly little things like floors. Let me tell you, I know how to put in a floor.

Step 1: hang joists.

Step 2: place plywood loosely on joists, then allow your friends to pretend to be useful to the project, only to be told later that what they are doing (staining logs) is actually decreasing the overall lifespan of the cabin.

Step 3: spelunking.

Step 4: admire the logginess of your cabin, then congratulate yourself on your equal opportunity carpentry.

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