Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring 2011!

Hello faithful blog-readers!

It's been some time, but with the gradually warmer weather this spring, we've begun our spring work season. As of right now, we have a main crew of three people, including me, working four days a week, with many, many helpers.

Introducing the spring 2011 Titcomb crew:

Meet Chelsea Liddell '11. She grew up in Montana and Arizona, and has a serious work ethic which pretty much puts last summer's crew to shame. She came out to the island last summer to help put the roof on, and has continued to be a huge asset to the crew. Also, she's my roommate.

This is Malia Reeves '12. She's from Taos, New Mexico, and is a studio art major, something the crew was lacking before. So far she's been up to her shoulders in shiplap and shingles and she looks sharp. I like alliteration.

As for regular volunteers, we've also had Emily Yen '10 out a few times, as well as Kevin McGregor '11 several times a week. I might put funny pictures of them up later, but I'm pretty lazy right now. It's been incredible to have them both, though.

This week, in particular, is also special because CBS Sunday Morning News is coming to Hanover to do a feature on us. This opportunity has brought some familiar faces back into town: Max has been working with us for the past week, and Kate just got in today and is staying on my couch. Lucas has been around a bit too, and it feels nice to have everyone back. We'll have more updates on the CBS spot later this week.

...and then there's me, still here in Hanover. I'm all finished up with classes, so working on Titcomb is my first priority for this term. I'll be moving to Boston in late June to start an engineering job, so we're working hard to get the cabin into rentable shape by then. Stay tuned.