Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 4: Logs Done

Finally! We finished peeling all 97 logs this morning. We spent the entire day peelin yesterday, and things were pretty grim when we got to the spruce logs that we should have peeled two months ago. Thankfully we got through that, and were back to red pine for the final stretch. Things were getting pretty competitive with the end in sight, and Jordan and I had our system down to a science and were cranking them out two to one compared to Max and Greg. After lunch, we went back to the island and resumed our cleanup efforts. Jordan went to town on the chimney with a sledge hammer, while the rest of us started digging out the old concrete footings that the cabin sat on.

Burn Baby Burn

Day 2.

Big day today. We started things off this morning with the whole crew peeling logs. Around lunchtime we got our burn permit, and sent Greg and Kodiak to the island armed with chainsaws to drop the dead trees and do some last minute brush piling before the evening burn. The rest of us came down in the evening, and we proceeded to burn off all the remaining debris from the cabin and nearby trees. Greg and I spent the first night on the island to keep an eye on the fire, armed with a high powered water pump just in case the fire should have a mind of its own.

First Day

Tuesday the 22nd marked our official first day on the job. Max, Kate, and I went out to the island while Greg, Jordan, and Kodiak headed off to Dartmouth's Organic Farm where our pile of logs was still waiting for us to finish peeling them. The island? What a mess... We were faced with the charred remains of a cabin, a falling down chimney, as well as half a dozen trees that had been killed by the blaze. So, we spent the afternoon moving everything into the middle of the old cabin site with the hope that we could soon burn the rest of the debris off.