Saturday, August 21, 2010

Time lapse of the day

So there's this little, wonderful science museum across the river in Vermont called the Montshire that specializes in really cool exhibits that show kids how science happens. Those museum-ists know something about "cool" things, so when an employee (director?) of the museum told us this morning that she thought our last time lapse was cool, I told her she ain't seen nothing yet.

This is untrue, I actually said thank you very much (hi mom!).

In any case, here's a new video! Feel free to watch it. You can scroll down first and read my explanation of what all is going on.

This video shows the process of carving a log with chainsaws and chisels to fit on top of another log. Before we put the log on the sawhorses on the ground, we use a tool called a scribe to trace the contours of the lower log onto the upper one with pencils. Next, we bring the log down, score the long sections with knives, chisel out the lines in the notches, and trace over it all in permanent marker to make it more visible. The scoring and chiseling helps our sawyers (fun fact, pronunciation is "soy-yer") cut more precisely.

In this video you start off seeing me, Max (hi mom!) finishing off the chiseling of one notch, then Kodiak starts carving the first notch on the first log and Jordan begins carving out the groove on the other log (which is slightly out of frame). The time lapse is shot from 30 feet up or so on the steel cable we've been using to lift our logs onto the building. Halfway into the video you'll notice us all swarm the log as we realize that Jordan is having trouble prying out a section of groove. Hooray teamwork!

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