Friday, August 20, 2010

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

Unfortunately, because our resident photographers are off doing manly things with cars and chainsaws, it falls to me to update everyone without photographic assistance, since it's been a little too long.

Our walls have been growing to dangerous heights over the past week, but we have pushed on higher and higher (safety is only our #5 priority, so it's been a pretty nerve-wracking process at times). We have definitely become more efficient at the standard log-laying process than I ever thought we would be, laying a full course on an average day. The quality of our logwork has also improved a great deal, with our logs fitting almost seamlessly together at this point.

What I'm hoping is that when we put in the final hardwood floor, it brings our last couple courses of good logs to eye level in the cabin so that when people look at the walls, they'll think we've been this good all along.

As of a couple days ago we reached the height where things begin to get a little more complicated because we are nearing roof level. We moved another load of logs down from the farm (which included our hugest logs that are going to span the entire length of the cabin supporting a roof) and had quite a few adventures/disasters getting them up onto the island.

I will post again later with some pictures to completely explain the events of the last couple days, which have been much more eventful than the wall-building week before. It's been a ton of fun. Not to give out an spoilers, but still to come with the pictures are: tales of breaking hoisting equipment rated to 2 tons, Max going insane when left on the island alone for several hours, staircases, my failed attempts to get Greg to sign off on building spiral staircases, a yellow jacket massacre, 3rd degree poison ivy, UPS's blood-lust inspiring behavior, the crew's blossoming modeling careers, a visit from the Schulz family, Sokol family, my newest celebrity crush and the explanation of how our crew came to possess 13 chainsaws (besides necessity, obviously).

And because I currently don't have means to take pictures of our escapades, here is a picture of the 3rd most awesome creature in the animal creature, and the inspiration for the way I draw shave every log. The Otter. Fastest way to my heart.

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