Monday, June 18, 2012

One more image

I've made several visits to the cabin over the past few months, sometimes with friends who had never seen the old cabin. I've loved sharing my special place, and I've loved even more that my friends are feeling inspired and making their own memories. Here's a cool sketch by aspiring architect Evan Greulich '10.
Titcomb Cabin 2.0, May 2012 (before wheelchair ramp)
Go visit the cabin and write in the guestbook.


  1. Help me out, I just saw the segment on CBS Sunday Morning about Titcomb cabin. That's my maiden name. My Dad was Arthur L Titcomb, Jr. Not a lot of people with that last name. How are we related?

    1. Titcomb is a fairly common name in Maine. Stephen Titcomb founded the town of Farmington, for example. All Titcombs are probably related, from a small town in England named Tidcombe. It is Anglo-Saxon in origin and means "little valley." A William Titcomb wrote a geneology book about Titcombs. If you can find a copy, you might figure out your relationship. Dartmouth's Titcomb cabin was named for Captain John "Jack" Abbot Titcomb, a Dartmouth grad and mining engineer who joined the Marine Corps in World War II and was killed in the Philippines in 1945.

  2. This is an awesome project. Glad to see it being rebuilt after it tragically burned down. Will check back to see the progress.

  3. Wow very beautiful image. I really like it very much.
    Thanks for sharing with us.